Are you planning to get a generator installed on your property? If you believe that you will be able to do the job by yourself, then sit back and sniff the smell of new generator parts and come to terms with reality! Not to be rude or sarcastic or anything, but do we even know the names of even half the generator parts that we plan to set up? No, right? Then how can we hope to do a perfect installation and maintenance job of a machine as complex as a generator? Just leave the technicalities to the installation and maintenance experts and enjoy an optimally functioning machine!

While you leave the complex work to the professionals, you still need to know some safety tips and instructions on how to maintain or work around your generator. It’s a matter of lighting up your life and maintaining a flow with no hiccups, yet your safety is a priority.

Useful Tips to Remember

Some essential tips you would do well to remember include the following,

  • Always make sure that any generator maintenance work you perform is done according to the instructions given in the manual and guide. Never experiment or try to open and clean any parts of the generator which have not been included in the instructions guide.
  • It is critical to make sure that you don’t leave any kind of clutter around the machine. Pay special attention to remove any combustible material from around the generator which is flammable and may prove hazardous.
  • Never ever, (and may I repeat yet another time to stress its importance!), ever, open or dismantle any part or piece of the generator, while it is functioning.
  • Don’t move or try to tamper with any hot parts of the machine. Proper installation and maintenance is important, but taking such a risk may prove very dangerous!
  • It is very important for the proper working of your generator, to opt for a regular inspection of all parts. All damaged or defective parts need to be removed before they start affecting the operating flow of the generator.
  • Make sure that the electrical wires, terminals and cables are properly insulated and covered during the installation process. Don’t run the risk of maintaining your generator with a set of exposed wires. This is important for the safety of the installation professional and you as well.
  • Take care never to touch any wire or terminal with bare hands, wear thick gloves always.
  • Smoking in the vicinity of the generator is a big NO NO! It can be fatal for you and completely disastrous for others.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach to deal with any kind of accidents and dangerous situations. Make sure that extinguishers that use carbon tetra chloride are not placed near the generator, as the fumes are highly toxic and can damage the insulation on the generator wires.

Change Filters on a Regular Schedule

If you want to try your hand out at regular generator maintenance, then take care of these essential points,

  • Check the fuel system and observe the fuel levels, pump function, and any sign of sediment
  • Change generator oil regularly and clean out the filters. Also change the filters on an annual basis.
  • Check the electrical system to review the meters and make sure that the batteries are recharged properly if needed

Other maintenance work includes checking the exhaust system for possible leaks, control the voltage regulator, relays, wiring, bulbs and monitors. It is best to leave the technical and tricky task of generator installation and maintenance to the professionals; make sure that you take care of all safety tips for the security of all.

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