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Generator Installation by AG National Electric

Power outages mean no light, no appliances, no computers and entertainment devices, no security systems, etc.

There are many causes of power outages, like lightning, winds, tornados and hurricanes, flooding, construction accidents and power station failures. The best solution to combat power outages and guarantee continuous supply of electricity is to have a generator installation. The generator gives you the peace of mind that your home or business can continue to operate normally at any time and under any circumstances.

AG National is a prime supplier of generator installation and maintenance services. Our certified, skilled and experienced electricians will install and maintain the appropriate generator for your home or business, ensuring that you’ll never remain in darkness, disconnected from the outside world. Moreover, they will make sure that you understand how to operate your generator with ease at any time of night and day.

But as standby generators are inevitable with most of them being capable of automatic functioning during power outages, they can also be dangerous if the standard precautions and procedures are not properly implemented during installation, operation and maintenance. This is why it is imperative to have a professional company like AG National electric take care of the complete generator installation and maintenance process.

The first step before generator installation is to pick the right generator for your needs. In the case of a portable generator, only a limited number of appliances can be connected to the generator in the event of a power failure. Using more appliances than the generator’s ‘constant wattage’ will shut it down. Another important factor you need to remember is that motor driven appliances like refrigerators and air-conditioners require three times more power when they start operating. The chosen generator will have to meet or exceed the ‘constant wattage’ and have a ‘surge rating’ that exceeds the ‘start-up wattage’ requirements.

Generators should always be installed, maintained, serviced and repaired only by authorized qualified and certified technicians with thorough knowledge. The generator installation must comply with standard operating procedures, applicable codes and regulations.

Before unpacking the generator from its shipping boxes, conduct a thorough inspection to detect any damage that may have occurred during shipment. If everything is fine, check that the rated amperage / wattage capacity of the unit fits your needs, based on your initial consultation and order.

Our team will install the generator unit outdoors in a protective enclosure. We will make sure that there is sufficient air for cooling and ventilation and that the installed generator is properly attached to a leveled surface which is non-combustible and non-conducting. The generator will be installed in close proximity to the location of the transfer switch and the fuel supply, to reduce the required length of cabling and piping.

Once in place, all batteries must be completely charged before they are inserted into the generator. The transfer switch should be wall-mounted and all the points must be in level with each other to prevent distortion of the switch. The unit should be connected to the electrical system only by means of the automatic transfer switch to ensure isolation between the generator’s electric system and the utility distribution system.

The generator’s exhaust must be properly installed because during operation the generator emits poisonous gases like carbon monoxide that can be life threatening. Our technicians will also ensure that the area around the generator installation is clean and free of any combustible material that can be hazardous.

Keep in mind that after the generator installation is completed the equipment will have to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that there are no defective or damaged parts. Regular maintenance of your generator is imperative for its continuous failure free operation. Annual, semi-annual or quarterly maintenance schedules must be strictly followed to increase the reliability of the equipment. Periodic checks can also detect damages and defects at an early stage, allowing preventive measures to be taken on time.

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