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Hospital Projects by AG National Electric

In the world of healthcare, ongoing uninterrupted supply of electricity is a major challenge. Providing and maintaining an absolutely dependable power supply and communications infrastructure is not just important, it’s actually critical.

Hospitals require a wide and complex range of specialized electrical systems for their operation. Today’s modern hospitals and health centers combine systems of normal electricity supply, standby supply, special lighting requirements, monitoring, call systems, communications, information management systems, databases, local networks, telecommunications and much more.

Electricity distribution in the healthcare industry must meet the highest demands of reliability, quality and safety. At the same time, the healthcare industry copes with reduced budgets and spending cuts. Those interlaced forces generate huge pressure on hospitals to become more efficient, maximizing and optimizing the use of their electrical equipment and resources.

AG National Electric has a proven track record in the healthcare sector. Our reputation has been developed over many years of reliable and consistent electrical services for hospitals and clinics. We offer a comprehensive one-stop resource for all types of electrical services, improving efficiency while preventing interruptions and failures.

At AG National Electric we understand perfectly the unique challenges involved in providing electrical services in the healthcare environment. Whether maintenance, repairs or new installations, we need to avoid dust and contamination when working in the proximity to patients. We need to be careful when working with energized equipment or when working around gas supply lines and potentially hazardous materials. We have to minimize staff and patient disruption, while keeping working areas sterilized and clean as possible.

To cope with these unique working conditions, Electrical Corporations’ employees are all highly trained, qualified and specialized electricians. Their knowledge and experience in providing electrical services for hospitals and other medical facilities is second to none.

Our services include:

  • Nurse call systems and paging systems
  • Electrical power distribution and lighting
  • Emergency power systems
  • Critical power systems and generators
  • Air conditioning and air monitoring
  • Electricity, voice, data and network wiring and cabling
  • CCTV/security systems
  • Access control systems
  • Temperature and lighting controls

AG National Electric will provide your hospital with all the services it needs to proactively manage the electrical systems, from basic monitoring and predictive analysis to full power supply consistency. Our 24/7/365 support will guarantee optimized performance, reduced expenses and continuity of supply in event of electrical failure.

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