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The electricity that flows into your home is vital to your daily living. Almost everything you do depends on a device that requires electricity to function. From lights and air conditioning, to kitchen appliances and security systems, everything functions and operates on electrical circuits.

Your electrical system starts with the main service panel. This large metal box divides the electricity into circuits and each circuit provides power to a specific area of your residence. The circuits are monitored for safety by breakers or fuses, which will cut off the power in case something goes wrong.

In addition to the service panel, your home’s electrical system includes wiring, switches, outlets, light fixtures and appliances. Service panels with fewer circuits are more likely to be overloaded by modern appliances, which is why new homes are now installed with at least 30 circuits.

Aluminum or copper wires run through the walls of your house and carry electricity from the service panel to all areas. The wires are covered with fabric coverings, plastic coatings or metal casings to keep the electricity from shocking people.

Most old homes only have one or two outlets per room. Upgraded electrical systems offer many more outlets, not only for convenience but mainly to reduce the risk of an overloaded outlet that can cause fire. Upgraded systems also use modern three-prong (grounded) outlets for maximum safety.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets which are now installed in all bathrooms and kitchens, provide an additional layer of protection against electrical shocks. High-demand electrical appliances like water heaters, furnace and dishwashers are all required to have their own electrical circuit.

To properly install, maintain, upgrade or repair those complex electrical systems you need to hire professional contractors. Reliable, qualified and licensed experts that will never compromise your family and property’s safety. Contractors like Electrical Corporations.

Call us now and let our experienced electricians take care of your property’s electrical system, maximizing your family and property’s safety.

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