• Residential and Commercial Solar Panels

  • Solar Panel Installation for Residential and Commercial Applications

    AG National provides skilled installation of solar panels for residential homes and commercial businesses. Solar power is a clean, renewable way to provide for the energy needs of your home or business, and investing in this technology offers numerous benefits.


    Residential Solar Panels

    Consumers may think solar panels are for business, but homeowners can also take advantage of solar power. At AG National, we provide a way to harness a truly renewable energy source.

    Solar panels have come a long way in design as well as how they convert energy. Many panels can last 25 years and beyond. Many solar panels have warranties that guarantee they will produce 80% of the rated power after 20 years of use.

    Not only can solar panels be beneficial to the environment, but also to your bottom line. Solar power is an abundant, renewable resource - why not harness all that energy and enrich your wallet at the same time? Homeowners in 2018 are paying about 6.5 percent less than a year ago for solar energy and solar panel costs are continuing to decline. Savings can depend on where you live, as utility energy costs vary by area, but there are still plenty of savings you can tap into.


    So how much can you save with solar?

    Your payback will depend on where you live, but can be a big savings. When you consider installing solar panels, be sure to consider installation costs as well as the cost of the panels.

    You can eliminate or significantly reduce your energy costs with solar panels. By reducing one of your largest monthly expenses, you can see why solar panels hold a spot in your future. As you can guess, the trends for increases in energy prices are going up every year. You can protect yourself from these increases and make your monthly bills much more consistent.

    Don’t forget another cost savings -an investment tax credit called the federal solar tax credit. This tax credit allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing solar energy systems from your federal taxes. Be sure to check into credits, rebates or incentives offered by state and local programs for additional savings.

    If you own your solar energy system, you can be eligible for the solar investment tax credit. Even if you don’t have enough tax liability to claim the credit all in one year, you can carry over the credit as long as it is available. Many consumers see break-even status in just seven and a half years and they continue to save for the lifespan of the system. Just remember-every year you delay is another year you miss the opportunity to save money on your system. If you install a solar system that meets 100 percent of your electricity costs and save money this will only increase over time. Now is the time to start those savings that will continue to grow over the next 25 to 35 years.


    Commercial Solar Panels

    When people think of solar panels, the commercial panels are what usually comes to mind. As a business owner, you may have a piece of property that is not producing income or is not suitable for a regular building. Solar panels may work well in this application and help your bottom line.

    Many businesses use solar panels to generate a significant amount of income for their operations. From airports to agriculture, the solar panel boom is on. With huge amounts of income to be generated, it can turn a dead asset into an income producing one. AG National can help your business reduce their footprint on the environment and lock in energy cost increases for years to come.

    So where would you put your businesses’ solar panel? The possibilities are endless and can help you reign in some ever-increasing costs. Utilizing renewable energy sends a positive message to your employees and customers. As stewards of our planet, energy conservation and reducing fossil fuel emissions are just good business practices. You will add value to your facility by transforming “dead space” into an income producing activity.


    There is no better time than now to start the wheels in motion and find out how much solar panels can save you. Solar panel installation may be able to save your company a substantial amount of money. A healthy bottom line is always good for business. Even if you start with a smaller project, once you begin to see the savings and the implications for your business, you will want to increase the panels you have.


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