• LED Lighting

  • Full Service LED Lighting Division


    AG National Electric provides LED lighting installations and LED components for residential, industrial, commercial applications. From LED tubes, high bay lighting, roadway lighting, ceiling panels, to LED floodlights, work lighting and other industrial led lights, AG National Electrical will provide you with the LED lighting products that best fit your space.


    Our high grade LED products are sourced directly from leading manufacturers, guaranteeing that you'll be using the highest quality LED products with multi year warranties. AG National offers a turnkey solution, covering all lighting needs from product to installation.  Our certified electricians will provide a seamless installation covered by 3 year labor warranty. 


    There are many more advantages to using LED lighting. LED lights do not flicker or strobe, producing a consistent uniform blanket of light. They are aesthetically pleasing, color correct, considerably more robust than traditional lights. They reach maximum brightness immediately and don't require expensive starter ballast. 


  • Light Pole Installation 

     AG National is your best choice for all inclusive, cost-effective utility pole service, installation and maintenance. We perform the entire pole service, saving you time and money. Our experienced technicians will off-load the poles from the shipping company, shake them out, drill and set the poles in place, build the heads, mount the luminaires and complete the electrical wiring down the pole light. All labor is backed by a 3 year warranty. Contact us today for a free estimate!