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    an energy-efficient investment that easily justifies its upfront cost.


    LED lights are made of many small electrical components called LEDs, which can be easily fitted in almost any lighting pattern or light fitting frame. LEDs are made of a material described as a luminescent semiconductor and when current passes through them they glow using very limited energy. The result is a highly efficient lighting source for any space or interior. LED lights can also be used with dimmer switches, further increasing energy savings while allowing adjusted luminosity for space ambiance.


    The quality of high power LED chips varies enormously throughout the lighting industry. If the LEDs are manufactured by renowned brand names and if they are properly wired, the energy savings are very significant. Poor chips or improper wiring will not save much energy and it may even cause damage.


    AG National Electric provides LED lighting installations and LED components for residential, industrial, commercial and office-based clients. From LED fluorescent tubes, LED high bay lighting, and LED ceiling panels, to LED floodlights, work lighting and other industrial led lights, AG National Electrical will provide you with the LED lighting products that best fit your space.


    Before starting a new project with AG LED lights our AG lighting experts conduct a site survey to determine your specific needs and required design. Our heavy duty LED products are sourced directly from leading manufacturers, guaranteeing that you'll be using the highest quality LED products. The installation process will be carried out by our in-house licensed and trained electricians, by the latest industry methods and standards.


    Not all LED installations are the same. For example, retro-compatible products are actually the LED version of the traditional lighting products, so they'll fit exactly the old bulbs and lamps. In this respect LED tubes, LED GU10 bulbs and LED GLS bulbs are all retro-compatible products. Yet sometimes we need to completely replace the outdated traditional fitting and luminaire. For example, LED high bays don't have a traditional bulb, but a powerful light emitting chip built into the product. When the chip wears out, we have to replace the entire fitting. We use LED Corporations for most of our LED lighting needs since they manufacture and provide the best lighting west palm beach, best quality and warrantied LED Lighting products we have found


    LED lighting is not only about savings and green energy, but also about design and emotions. It is well known that lighting influences people’s feelings (in a residential space) or efficiency (in a working space). At Electrical Corporations we are well aware of this fact and always match the lighting design with its goals and environment.


    There are many more advantages to using LED lighting. LED lights don't flicker or strobe, producing a consistent uniform blanket of light. They are aesthetically pleasing, color correct, considerably more robust than traditional lights. They reach maximum brightness immediately and don't require expensive starter ballast.


    Today’s living or workspace is a complex and fluid environment, involving a wide range of visual tasks. For example, minimum glare on TV screens and PC monitors, low luminance contrasts around living rooms or workstations and so on. Electrical Corporations will work with you closely to install the most suitable LED products and systems, designing the best environment for your specific lighting needs. Call us now to inquire about our services!