• Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Always keep in mind! Do-it-yourself electrical troubleshooting is extremely dangerous and requires zero mistakes. You don't have the privilege to make even one single mistake because it might be the last mistake you'll ever make! According to a recent study, home electrical systems are the cause of nearly 55,000 fires a year, resulting in more than 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries!


    But why would you take any risk when you can call AG National Electric' experts to troubleshoot your electrical problems? Our electricians are all experienced, licensed and highly qualified to handle any problem. We provide home and commercial electrical services for all types of constructions and facilities including apartments, manufacturing facilities, community residences, retail stores, restaurants, warehouse facilities, hotels, office buildings and more.


    Electrical problems can occur at any time and for many reasons: from poor installations, old buildings and electrical systems, to remodeling and renovations. Whether you have problems with your lights, electrical outlets, electrical switches, a tripping electrical circuit breaker, or any faulty electrical device, our electricians can fix the problem in the shortest possible time and at very affordable prices.


    Call AG National Electric today for all your home or commercial electrical troubleshooting and electrical repair needs. We are able to handle repair projects of any size, committed to providing superior and totally safe electrical services. Utilizing high-quality products, experienced electricians, an outstanding customer service and competitive prices, we are your best choice for a safe and reliable electrical system that can operate smoothly for many years.