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  • These new, advanced CCTV cameras systems will provide you with a 24/7 open eye on your property, keeping it safe from intruders theft and vandalism.


    At AG National you'll receive all the information and advice you need to start a CCTV camera installation process with a custom surveillance system tailored to your residential unit or business. As a full-service video security integrator, we will help you plan, configure and operate your home surveillance system to ensure peak performance of your cctv installation.


    There are many options and CCTV cameras configurations to choose from. We can install a single home security camera, or any number of multi CCTV cameras systems, guarding a wide CCTV coverage area of your home or office's outdoors. Some security camera system cameras include the ability to monitor live video over the internet from any web-connected device. The cameras include features like wide field of view, night vision, HD security camera, infrared leds, remote viewing, weather-resistance and motion activation.


    The surveillance camera systems are the perfect protection and safety solution not only for homes and businesses but also for apartment complexes, vacation homes, neighborhoods, houseboats and more. The number of camera installations you’ll need for your property will depend on its size and on the area you want to cover. Also, it’s imperative to consider day/night cameras which are equipped with true day/night visibility to see in complete darkness better than human eyes. Night cameras are ideal for monitoring vehicles parked in driveways since more than two-thirds of motor vehicle thefts take place at night.


    The cameras can have different styles that can be matched to your preferences. For example, dome cameras tend to be more inconspicuous and blend well with their environment. Some models come with smoked enclosures for an even more discreet appearance. Bullet cameras are far more overt in that they can be easily spotted.


    Besides the outdoors surveillance, we can also install indoors cameras which serve as an additional precautionary measure. For maximum protection, you can purchase a combined network of cameras that have both indoor and outdoor security.


    When installing or upgrading surveillance cameras you don’t need to worry about handling bulky wires and cables. Powered over the ethernet with one network cable, our ip camera security cameras are hassle-free and convenient to view online. Unlike the complex cumbersome traditional analog cameras that are based on complicated cabling, our network surveillance cameras require just one network cable to function.


    When investing in a video surveillance cameras system for your property, advanced technologies and working methodologies can improve your user experience. At AG National we pride ourselves on delivering smart IP based surveillance systems that boast the highest quality features and produce the most detailed images, making recognition and identification possible.


    Electrical Corporations' highly skilled and experienced team will cover all the aspects of the installation process. We will mount the cameras, run and connect all the cables from the cameras to the DVR for video recording, make all the low voltage electrical and video connections and ensure that the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly. We will provide you with the best cost for the project, depending on your specifications, coverage area, equipment and specific requirements.


    Protecting your family, property or business is a matter of personal responsibility. Investing in security cameras will ultimately provide you with the peace of mind you need. Our premium selection of home network surveillance cameras and the professional and reliable installation of the surveillance network can do the job, so you can live your life peacefully.


    Call us now for a free consultation. Whatever your needs, we are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the best possible security solution.